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A Message from the Superintendent
We have had a really good start to school!  We are very proud to have an outstanding “Report Card” from the Michigan Department of Education (MDE)!  Congratulations to the High School students and staff for earning the status of Reward School!  This is a very high honor.  I also want to congratulate the students and staff earning “lime” in all three schools, which is next to the top status of “green”.   Your students and staff deserve outstanding recognition for their efforts and performance. 

The bond project is making progress.  Several steel beams have been installed from the inside to bring the building up to current snow load codes, and there will be more throughout the project.  Drainage systems for the roof and dispersion of the water are being completed and we will soon have the full playground back  to normal for recess.   The schedule for roofing this fall is to complete the M.S., Ranger Room, and south wing of the school.  We have had really good weather and hope we get a few more weeks so this work can be completed.  The roofing is being attached mechanically with state of the art insulation that will raise the R factor from 5/7 to 32.  That will help save a great deal of energy and costs!  That insulation will also be tapered to make proper drainage so this will eliminate standing water on the roofs. This process will continue as long as weather permits.  We also are just finishing up the new digital control system for heat in the H.S. that will be computer controlled.  We have installed a public address system to handle our inclement weather/emergency calls to all parents and staff members.

In Late November the Board is planning to put out bids for the track, ventilation system components for the M.S. and the old part of the El., digital controls for the new part of the El., buzzer systems for secure entrances and the message sign for in front of the school.  We will also be replacing some flooring and furniture in this project. This work will be scheduled for early next summer.  A new PA system for the gym is scheduled to be installed in the fall or early winter.

By January 5th when the students return to school from Christmas Break, we plan to have two additional labs in the H.S., a Chrome Lab in the M.S. and improved wireless capacity throughout the school.  We have been able to accomplish a lot since February when the community supported the bond proposal.  

Thank you, and if you have any questions about school or the project contact Central Office. 

Lynn Gullekson, Superintendent
Manton Consolidated Schools
231-824-6411 Option #5

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Manton Consolidated Schools, as a part of the community, is dedicated to providing opportunities for the development of each student's full potential.  We believe each student has abilities and talents that can be developed.  We value the individuality of each child and are committed to nurturing every student's abilities.  As professional educators we will utilize research and apply a variety of strategies to promote quality and motivate students in our school.

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